Do Employers Care About the Employees in China?


This guide is for people who want to understand how much do Chinese employers care about its employees. You are looking to apply for jobs and you see a job post at a training center or kindergarten and see. Pick up at the airport , 7 day hotel and support on your work visa. What does this exactly mean ? Are their resources actually a useful tool for you ?

The answer is depends on the organization you choose. If you work at smaller organization or a larger organization. They will treat you better in certain situations so which one will care about you more ?

Large Organization in China 

A larger organization has a tremendous amount of resources. Any training school or kindergarten brand that has multiple campuses in multiple cities is considered a large English teaching service. Being a part of a large training school does has its perks. When finding an apartment, issues with your work visa or setting up your cellphone. The HR department will have a designated individual to help you with your basic needs to get comfortable.

You are just a number in a large organization and they tend to have large turnover rate. They may seem to care because you are an investment to them. They are helping you settle into the city because they need you to perform at a certain level. Your employer going to make a lot of money of a native speaking individual but at the end of the day if you leave they will replace you.

They care because they have too. I’m telling you this for you to understand that you do not owe nothing to your employer. Look after yourself as that’s what their doing from day one. If you want to do simple favor or help them out with a bit of overtime. That’s great , you will make lots of friends in the office by doing that. A simple rule in China if you do them a favor once they are going to ask again so it’s ok to say no.

When getting your work visa in China going with a large company will make your life easier as there tend to be less mistakes compared to a smaller place.

SMALL Organization in China

When working for a small company or a mom and pop style business. You will be their golden child. If there is only one or two native speaking staff. The owner will be building there business around you. Their success is extremely dependent on their staff. This means two things… if you need a extra day off or need a small favor they probably grant it as they want to keep you happy. The negative side would be that they are going to work you harder as no one else will be able to offer your expertise. Overall you will be treated better but lack of resources or support as a result of a smaller company.

Some employers are good people, when there is a death in the family they gave me an extra week to be with my family. They didn’t have to do that but in their best intention to grant my request. Remember you will find oddity by finding great people to work with in a great environment. It’s possible to find a company that really cares about you. Due to high turnover rates in China for English teachers it’s tough for employers to care about their employees at times. So always look after yourself.

Overall, This is no clear winner. It all depends what are your personal needs and wants. When working in China you will be treated differently then local staff you will work with. It’s important to realize as foreigners with legal work visas we tend to get special treatment and almost always get it better than the other Chinese staff. In the employer’s eyes, they see it as their treating the foreigners great even though it does not feel that way. I am not trying to justify poor treatment of workers but for you to understand their perspective as best as possible. Compare to local Chinese staff you have it easy and being paid 3 to 6 times more then them.

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