Job Title: full-time/casual ESL teacher for children 3-12 year old
Location: Chongqing CBD

‘Inspired by Harvard, based in Chongqing CBD, VHQ English proudly delivers high-quality English immersion programs to local Chinese children. We are currently looking for general English teachers to join our team.’

Position Description:
1. Deliver English language courses to children 3-12 year old.
2. Attend and be of assistance to various school events and activities.
3. Complete required teaching plans on time.

Applicants need to:
–be aged 21-40 year old
–be native English speakers or qualified non-native ESL teachers. Basic Chinese language ability preferred.
–be passionate and patient about teaching
–have good communication skills
–be willing to learn new skills.
–be focused on student engagement and learning needs.

International students are welcome to apply as well. We offer both casual and full-time positions. Be noted that a paid trial period(up to 3 months) will be required for full-time positions.

If you are interested,

Please contact our email and provide a CV along with a photo.

We will reply as soon as possible.

Contact info

Recruiter: mike.chinaHR@outlook.com

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