What is so special about Chinese toilets?

Why is this even a topic? 

You probably think, why write such an article?  Toilets? What could be so unusual about the toilets in China?  I will tell you! In China, it is considered very useful to go to the toilet in the same way as our ancestors did.  Do your thing in a squatting position. The toilet is a hole in the ground you can not sit down.  It is believed this method is better for health since your better is in a natural and relaxed poise. In a squatting position, you should bend your knees which are pressed against your chest. Gravity works wonders in this position great, therefore, creating a pleasant experience for the body.  Sitting on the toilet like a chair is not a natural position for the bowel movement. The benefit of squatting according to Chinese medicine is it: Helps fight constipation prevents hemorrhoids, helps to defecate completely, and prevents colon cancer.

“Holes in the Ground “

Almost all toilets in China are so-called “holes in the floor” or just squats.  To my surprise, there are A LOT of toilets in China. All of the public toilets are free and you can find them on the street (approximately every 500 meters). The most common locations are in every metro station,  shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, and parks, In China, you definitely won’t have a problem finding a toilet these toilets are considered to be more hygienic since you do not need to touch many things to use them.

You are WARNED

Often there is no toilet paper in the cubicles, no soap or hot water in the sinks. Sometimes public toilets on the street are not cleaned and have an unpleasant smell. A good chance the public washrooms will have no partitions or closing cubicles,  this is mainly found only in remote places or villages. Large cities won’t have this issue as much but while traveling or living in China.  My advice to you is to always carry a pack of napkins with you if you ever need to use the restroom. By the way, I very often met people on the street who advertise some kind of store or product, and together with a flyer they give a small pack of napkins. If you see this, do not pass by, there are never enough napkins!

Finding a Western Toilet

Are there any Western toilet bowls in China at all? The toilet bowls we are used to can be found in hotels for foreigners or in large shopping centers with foreign shops. Moreover, in such shopping centers in the toilet rooms, there will certainly be Chinese toilets (most) and 1-2 cubicles with toilets that are usual for us. Western restaurants and cafes, such as McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and others, have good free toilets with toilet bowls, toilet paper, soap, and hot water.

New Trends?

China is slowly beginning to introduce Western values into its culture as this is a new trend for new buildings that are being built. Many Chinese people have been learning English since childhood, more Western restaurants and shops are opening in China. In some new homes, people are installing Western-style toilets in their bathrooms.  Mostly, In Chinese apartments, you can find a shower and a toilet in one place, as the shower consists only of a showerhead, and all the water flows into this toilet bowl on the floor.

It is not common to find a bath in which you can lie down and relax perhaps only in an expensive hotel room. The Chinese sometimes buy separate foldable tubs if the space in the bathroom allows for such a large item. The issue of a European toilet is important to you, and you want to rent an apartment in China, you can, for an additional fee, ask the landlord to install such a toilet. My friends had such a case, and the landlord agreed to help them. You can order a toilet online as well if the landlord doesn’t want to pay for it. It not too expensive but overall I personally don’t think it is worth it.

Final Thoughts 

In general, at first, this situation with toilets in China is a little scary, but after a couple of months, you start to get used to it. It’s even starting to like it 😊

Well, that’s probably all I wanted to tell you about toilets in China. In this article, I probably used up a year’s supply of the word “toilet”, don’t thank me haha. Come to China and try to be open to a new culture and respect other people’s traditions. If you still have questions, ask them in the comments. Good luck and see you in the next article!


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