How and What is like to use VPN in China

In this article, here are a few things we will talk about:  the Great Firewall of China, which sites do not work in this country, what is VPN and how it works, and I will also share with you a good service that I use.

Before you go to China, you should know in this country there is the Great Firewall of China. The official name is “The Golden Shield Project.” This is an Internet content filtering system in the People’s Republic of China. The development of the project was started in 1998, and in 2003 it began to work throughout the country. This means that many of the websites we are used to using are not available in China.

Here is a shortlist of sites that do not work in China:

Everything related to Google.

The most famous search Google is blocked in China. Additionally, Google’s popular services are banned, including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Play, Google Translate, etc.

Social media

At the moment, social media is an integral part of our lives. In China, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest and other sites are blocked.

Major Western News Agencies

Sites like the New York Times, Bloomberg, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Reuters, etc. blocked to provide centralized news coverage in China.

Streaming platforms

You can’t use such websites as Netflix, Twitch, Spotify, SoundCloud, and so on.

This is only a small part of what does not work in China. In fact, thousands and thousands of large and popular as well as small and unknown resources are blocked here.

On the other hand, China has its own autonomous Internet. They have their own search resources, social networks, and streaming platforms. It’s like a completely different world that lives its own life.

If you need to check your Gmail, scroll the Instagram, watch YouTube, and Netflix, then before you come to China, be sure to install a VPN on your computer and phone.

To begin with, what is a VPN and what is it for.

VPN is a technology for creating private networks on top of other networks. It stands for Virtual Private Network. All traffic is encrypted, ensuring the confidentiality of the transmitted data. VPN replaces your real IP address with a fake one. For example, if you are in China, VPN makes it look like you are accessing the Internet from Germany or Norway. So, the traffic is already coming not from you, but from the VPN, the server of which can be located even in Antarctica, even in Atlantis, even on the Moon.



Here are two main reasons why you need to install the VPN program on your devices.

VPN will protect you from snooping.

You visit dozens of different sites a day. And on each of them, you leave your data, such as IP-address and cookies, by which you can be tracked. And even if you have nothing to hide, it’s still unpleasant to think that you are being watched. VPN disguises your traffic, hides your IP-address. Thus, it will be impossible to find out which sites you visited on the Internet.

VPN will help you access sites that are blocked in a particular country.

Here we come to the most interesting. Using a VPN, you can visit any sites blocked in China or somewhere else. Just connect to the server in the country where these sites work, and use them as you like.

VPN services are paid and free.

Free services will help you visit blocked sites, but probably it will not protect your data. Even if the service is free, it still needs to make money on something. With a high probability, it will sell your personal data to advertisers who show you ads based on this data.

Paid programs are a completely different story. Using such a program, you can visit any sites, not only in China but also around the world, and your data will be securely protected.

If you want to try a free Vpn I recommend windscribe VPN as it provides 10gb a month of high-speed VPN and gets the job done in China. The issue is you will finish the free GB they offer fairly quickly!

Remember, you need to install a VPN on all your devices before you cross the border with China. When you are in China, you most likely will not be able to do this, because access to these services will be limited. It is better to play it safe and install the program in advance than not to use your favorite sites and apps at all.

For several years of life in China,  my friends and I tested many different VPN services. Among the programs I used were like very good ones that worked without problems, as well as terrible ones that did not work at all.

Next, I want to share with you my experience. I will tell you about the best and worst VPN services that I used.

Let’s start with the worst.

Please do not believe everything that is advertised to you. If you google the best VPNs, you will most likely come across the so-called Express VPN many times. All ratings regarding VPN services scream that this is the best VPN on the planet, but let me tell you how it worked for me or, better to say, did not work.

I don’t know-how in other countries, but in China, Express VPN works very poorly. Very low speed, and sometimes it basically does not load for several hours or even days.

I wrote to support chat many times, but my problem was not solved. Plus, they take a long time to answer at times and often redirect to another specialist, and there you have to explain what the problem is again. They still could not solve the problem with speed and connection.

Then I decided to return my money. I paid immediately for 12 months cost    $ 100 US. It is written on their website that during the first month of using their service, they guarantee a refund if you do not like something. So, I wrote in a support chat about the refund. We talked for 3 days and in the end, they did not return the money. This is my experience of using the most popular and advertised Express VPN service.

Now I want to tell you about the program that I use now, and this is the best service that I have ever used.

In China one of the strongest Internet content filtering systems. To hack it, you need special programs. That is, not every VPN program will work in China. A few months ago, my friends told me about Astrill VPN, and it turned my mind about the use of the Internet in this country.

This service works continuously, download speed is very good, any sites and applications are supported.  The support chat is open around the clock and you will get feedback within a couple of minutes.

Astrill VPN supports Windows, Mac, and Linux PC / Laptop and other devices such as iOS (iPhone / iPad), Android, game consoles, and Smart TVs. You can also share It with your friends and thus reduce the cost.

The price of this service is slightly higher than that of Express VPN, but it is definitely worth it. A year of using the program costs $ 120 US. It seems to me that in such matters it is better to pay more and get good conditions than to save and get 💩.

Despite the reviews on the Internet, personal experience shows that what is advertised everywhere is not always the right product, and sometimes unknown services turn out to be really good. I don’t want to talk badly about anyone, I just want to warn you. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others than to make your own.

In conclusion, I want to say that despite the fact that the Chinese government restricts access to the Internet, China itself does not get any worse. This is a wonderful country with its history and culture, in which very interesting people live. If you visit China one day, you will want to return here again and again. Come here and see for yourself. We think Astrill Vpn is the best working one.. if you are interested in a free trial to try it out!





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