How to get non spicy food in Chongqing

About food in China

You are going to go to China to live/work and are wondering – what is there to eat?  All spicy, some chicken legs, pork ears, dogs?  Now we will tell you about delicious and affordable food in Chongqing.

Western food

If you really do not want to take risks and try new things – in China, there is still the same western fast-food: McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut, Starbucks.  The prices there are reasonable and the menu is the same as in the west.

There are also several Chinese analogs of western fast-food. The taste is almost the same, the price is lower than in western places.

If the price is not a problem, there are enough restaurants with European food.  Many Italian places where the owner and cook are real Italians.

Cafes with pictures of dishes on the walls.

All the menus in Chinese restaurants in hieroglyphs, as well as very few ordinary citizens, speak English.  So, if you don’t know the language, but want to eat cheaply in places where locals go, look for cafes with pictures of dishes on the wall.

Most often, the menu with the pictures on the walls is in Muslim places.  These are food from Lanzhou. Here you can find a lot of varied food: noodles, fried/boiled rice, soups with meat, vegetables, mushrooms, greens and more.  The food from this province is not spicy, and the cook will make noodles right in front of you from a piece of dough.

Highly recommend trying the soup called Niúròu pào mó (牛肉泡馍). This is the soup with beef, mushrooms and tomato served with croutons. I  recommend trying the noodles with potatoes, meat, and vegetables. Yeah, it’s really unusual to eat noodles with potatoes at the same time, but just try you will like it.

The canteens

In China, lunchtime is from 12 am to 2 pm, and dinner from 5 pm till 7 pm.

At this time, you can often find the places made like canteens. Most often, the price is fixed for rice (unlimited) + 2-3 vegetable dishes + 1-2 meat dishes.  The price for everything around 12-15 RMB (around 2 – 2,5$).

Highly recommend tomatoes with an omelet, beaten cucumbers, cauliflower, lotus root. Meat dishes: chicken with carrots in sweet and sour sauce, potatoes with beef.

Night food

You will definitely find something to eat at night Chongqing. There are a lot of food places which appear only in the late afternoon nearby clubs and crowded streets.

One of them is BBQ (in Chinese 烧烤 shao kao). On the counter, you can find various meat, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, and greens. You pick everything you like in the basket, give it to the cook. If you want to do it not spicy just say “bu yao lajiao” (不要 辣椒, bu – not, yao – need, lajiao – hot pepper). You will be served a dish of everything you have chosen, grilled with spices and garlic.

Highly recommend to try the eggplant, they are fried in a special way, very tasty.

Chinese style BBQ

The breakfast

The local people usually eat steamed buns for breakfast, the so-called baozi (包子). It has various flavors: meat, egg and greens, mushrooms or sweets.

There is a problem with coffee in China, but you can find a good one in network places. We recommend Rosetta and 85 degrees. Also, you can find tasty deserts in these places.

The shops

There are many 7-Eleven stores and its counterpart Lawson in China. There you can buy a full lunch in a box, as well as a snack, sandwiches, salads and much more. You can also immediately warm up your food and eat it right there.

The Desserts.

I really recommend trying the Hong Kong Waffles with ice cream, fruits, and berries. This is a special dainty.

In general, you will not die of hunger in China.  But if you are too lazy to leave home, food delivery is very developed in China, we wrote about it “here.”

Come to China, you will definitely love it 🙂


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