How to survive a long flight to China

The flight from North America or Europe to China takes about 13 hours non-stop. But most often it doesn’t work to get from point A to point B on the same plane. Most likely you will need to make one, two or even three transfers with long expectations between flights and even a change of airport. And in the end, such a trip can take a day or more. To survive such a long journey and not go crazy, you will need to seriously prepare for it. In this article I want to tell you how to make such a long trip not so exhausting but even pleasant and productive.
1. Ticket purchase. Departure times, number of transfers and the time between them can greatly affect your mood during the trip. When choosing tickets do not stop at the first attractive offer, pay enough attention to this process. For example, an early flight will make you wake up and go to the airport in the middle of the night, and lack of sleep will spoil your mood for the whole trip. Long transfers between flights are not the best choice. You probably will not have time to see the city in which you have a transfer, and you will just be tormented at the airport in anticipation of the next plane. Due to a short transfer of less than two hours, you may be late for your next flight. The best time is three to four hours. During this time, you go through all the control points, freshen up and warm up. Also pay attention to whether you will have a luggage transfer. This service is usually provided if all your flights are operated by one airline. If you don’t have a baggage transfer, then it will take time to get your baggage and return it again, keep this in mind. It’s better to buy a ticket a little more expensive, but to feel comfortable on such a long journey.
2. Road to the airport. The road to the airport can also be exhausting. Going on such a big journey as moving to China, you will most likely pack a large suitcase, and perhaps not even one. A trip by metro or bus with a crowd of people is not a pleasant experience. So, for such a case, it is better to take a taxi or ask someone to take you to the airport and get there with comfort.
3. Snacks. It can take a long time from leaving your home to boarding a plane, and you will probably want to eat. On the way to the airport or inside it is not often possible to find tasty and inexpensive food. So, it’s better to take care of this in advance. Some kind of protein bars and nuts are best. Such snacks take up little space, do not smell, they do not need cutlery, they are very satisfying, tasty and healthy.
4. Airport Lounge. If a long transfer awaits you on the way, it is most pleasant to spend it in a convenient lounge area with Wi-Fi, free drinks and snacks. To get into the lounge area, you can join the loyalty program of the airline you fly to. You can also issue a premium level bank card, which includes priority pass. Another advantage of the lounge zone is a shower, a telephone, a printer, as well as a separate boarding gate, that is, you do not have to stand in line.
5. Check-in. Try to check in as early as possible. In the case of overbooking, passengers who check in first are most often transferred to business class at no extra charge.
6. Seat in a plane. Choosing a seat on an airplane during such long-haul flights can greatly affect your comfort during the flight. If you are going to read a book, sleep or look at the porthole all the way, then choose a chair by the window, but in this case, to get up you will need to overcome the passengers sitting nearby. If it’s important for you to be able to get up often, then choose a place at the aisle, but then you will be disturbed by passengers sitting at the window who want to go out (yes, a paradox). In the center of the plane above the wings shakes less with turbulence. There are also places in front of the cabin where there are no armchairs in front of you, you can stretch your legs there. But such places are often given to passengers with small children (a cot is attached to the partition). Think about whether you are ready for such a neighborhood, because, as you know, young children can behave noisily. In any case, by all means avoid the place in the middle.
7. Drink water and moisturize your skin. Humidity on board is much lower than on the ground. Because of this, the skin and the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and eyes dry very much, the ability of the lungs to filter air is impaired, and there is an increased risk of catching a viral respiratory disease. In order for your body to cope with such a load, it is better to drink plenty of water, at least one glass per hour, moisturize your skin with cream, you can also use moisturizing masks on the face and patches under the eyes and drip moisturizing drops into your eyes. It is advisable not to use makeup during the flight so that the pores of the face do not clog. If you wear contact lenses, it’s best to replace them with glasses for the duration of the flight.
8. Comfortable clothes. In flight, you will have to spend most of your time in a sitting position. In such a situation, a formal suit with a tie or a dress and heels is not the best choice. It is best to wear comfortable clothes that do not hinder movement, for example, a tracksuit or jeans and comfortable sneakers, in which you can sit and sleep. Also, all sorts of jewelry and makeup will be superfluous. It is better to exclude metal objects from your outfit so that when passing through the metal detector you do not have to remove all this, and it does not take a lot of time. It is advisable to bring a warm sweater or jacket, it is often cold on airplanes. After the plane took off, it is better to take off your shoes, so the blood will circulate better and this will help prevent swelling.
9. Carry-on baggage. It’s better to take only the most necessary things on board, what you may need during the flight, a small backpack or bag, and hand everything else, suitcases and large bags, to the luggage compartment. What to bring with you in your hand luggage to feel comfortable during the flight? Well, firstly, of course, all the chargers, headphones, tablet, laptop you need, do not forget to charge the power bank and phone before leaving the house. All the documents you need, passport, boarding pass, money and cards and so on. Medications you may need and put in the same place drops for the eyes. If your medicines trade special papers, do not forget to take them, they may be required from you when checking things. Move on. Cosmetic bag. Put a toothbrush and paste, moisturizer and face masks, a set of cosmetics that you will need when you land, a deodorant, a sanitizer and wet and dry wipes, a hairbrush. Take all jars of liquids and creams in packages of less than 100 milliliters. It is advisable to bring a replaceable set of clothes and underwear if your luggage is lost somewhere. Ear plugs and a sleeping mask can be very useful to you. Book, notebook and pen. Some food, protein bars, nuts, something that does not smell and does not deteriorate. Take a bottle with you, but without water, fill it after passing through passport control, there are drinking fountains at almost all airports. It seems to be all. Tell us in the comments what else you usually take with you in your hand luggage.
10. Food in flight. Due to the fact that in an airplane low humidity and low pressure decreases the sensitivity of taste buds, so the food in an airplane seems tasteless to us. Airlines are aware of this and are trying to make food more rich in taste, but mainly only for food served in business and first classes. When buying a ticket, you are prompted to select a menu. Here you can choose the food served in the classes higher than the economy. You can also choose food without meat, if you are a vegetarian, and various other types of dishes. In addition, if you select a menu that differs from the main one, they will bring it to you out of turn. On long flights, food is served two or even three times, so don’t worry, you won’t stay hungry. Feel free to ask for water if you need it. But alcohol should not be abused during the flight, this contributes to dehydration. If you still decide to drink alcohol, drink a glass of water before this.
11. What to do during the flight. We came to the most interesting! What is there to do in these long 10-13 hours and even without the Internet? In fact, a lot of things. You can read a long-started book or start a new one. If you previously had excuses that you do not have enough time to read, this will not work here. Watch a movie or even a series. Some aircraft have a screen attached to the back of the front seat with films already loaded there, but not all. So, it’s better to play it safe and download some movies or episodes of the series to your tablet or laptop. Take comfortable noise-canceling headphones with you so that your ears do not hurt, and also so as not to disturb neighbors with extraneous sounds. Play the game on your computer, tablet or phone. But make sure that such a game works without the Internet. Listen to the music. Download the new album of some artist and enjoy the music while looking through the window. Finish important tasks that you did not have time to finish at home, prepare a presentation or learn speech. Try to draw something. Take a notebook and pen with you, and perhaps inspiration will come to you. Well, of course, eat, sleep, walk around the cabin. You can even get acquainted with cabin crew or neighbors. Do not think of this flight as a boring and long idleness, remember, incredible adventures await you at the other end.
12. Walk around the cabin. I would like to dwell on this point in more detail. Get up and move as often as possible. You can even do a little exercise for the body, move your arms, legs and neck. Even the simplest movements will help improve blood flow and you can avoid swelling and will feel much better.
13. Change time to local. After boarding the plane, change the time on your watch to the one that will be in the destination country. Thus, you will understand what time of day is now in China and upon arrival you will better navigate.
I think that’s all. Long flights are not a very pleasant experience, but try to spend this time profitably and think about what incredible adventures, people, a new culture, work await you when you land in a new country. Be open to new things and events in your life and fear nothing. I wish you a pleasant flight and all the best. And in the comments write what interesting cases happened to you on airplanes. If you still have questions, I will be happy to answer them. Goodbye.


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