How to Use Food Delivery App 美团外卖 in China

If you are in China and feeling hungry but don’t want to go out to buy food. You can simply order food at home using 美团外卖. 美团外卖 is a food delivery app for your smartphone. Millions of people in China use this food delivery app each day in China. The app connects restaurants to customers via their smartphones. Customers can use the app to order food to their home and track the takeout from the restaurant to their home using the mobile app.


  1. A Chinese Address (Make sure you know how to write your Chinese Address in Chinese)
  2. A Chinese Phone Number (Check out our “How to get a Chinese SIM Card Guide“)

Ordering Food in China

Step 1

Download and install the app from the app store

Search “美团外卖”

App Store 美团外卖 Food App

Step 2

Open the app and you will be prompted with creating an account as well as verifying your phone number through SMS text messages.

If this does not occur simply follow the steps below:

  1. At the above screen click the 我的 icon at the bottom right corner

    Delivery App Homescreen

  2. After clicking the 我的 icon at the bottom right corner you will see the following screen. Next click the 登录 icon in the top right corner next to the grey kangaroo avatar.

    Login Button

  3. The next thing you will see if the login screen, please enter your Chinese phone number into the screen and click the button 下一步.

    Enter Your Chinese Phone Number

  4.  In the next step, you will be sent an SMS Text message to verify your Chinese Phone Number this step is very straightforward.
  5. Congratulations your account has now been successfully created.

Step 3

Now we must set up your account by entering your home address into the app.

  1. Please click the icon 我的地址 circled in red in the below picture.

    Please click 我的地址

  2. Next, enter a new address by clicking the 新增地址

    Please Click 新增地址

  3. In this page you will have to enter your full Chinese address into the app so make sure you know how to write your home address in Chinese.

    Enter your Chinese Home Address

    发货地址: This is where you set a location marker on the GPS map for the app to know where to deliver the food
    门牌号: This is where you enter your FULL CHINESE ADDRESS in CHINESE with Stree Name, District Name, Community/Garden/Park that you live in, Apartment Building Number, Floor Number, and Apartment Unit Number.
    联系人: Contact Person’s Name (It’s okay to put an English Name)
    手机号: Enter your Phone Number here
    标签: Pick Home家, Office公司, or School学校
    保存地址: Confirm to save your address

Step 4

Once your home address has been saved you are now ready to return to the home screen and order food

At the home screen make sure that the address shown at the top is your home address or the address you would like to have the food delivered to.

Food App Home Screen

The 2 main icons in the home screen are the orange colored one labeled 美食 and the purple colored one labeled 夜宵.

The orange one 美食 will show you all the different food options and categories.

The purple one 夜宵 will show you night time snacks, you can also use the search bar to search for restaurants you know the name to.

Step 5

Once you find a restaurant that you would like to try simply click into the restaurant’s order page. Click the orange button next to the food item to add it to your shopping cart.

Restaurants Order Page

Sometimes food items may have flavor choices within them, if you have an iPhone you can screenshot the page and translate the options using Wechat’s image QR translation tool.

Food Item Choice

After selecting the flavors, add-ons or cooking style you can now proceed to the check out page by clicking the text 去结算. This will lead you to the check out page with your selected orders.

Step 6

At the Checkout page make sure that your Chinese Address circled in RED along with your name and phone number are shown at the top of the checkout page. In green is the estimated time for the delivery to arrive at your home. In blue is the total cost of your delivery including food costs, packaging costs, and delivery costs. Double check that it is the correct address for your home or the address you would like to have the food delivered.

Checkout Page

Finally, you can proceed to check out and pay for your food using Wechat pay option shown in the picture below.

Now simply watch the carrier delivery your food to your home.

Paying for Dinner with Wechat

Hope you enjoyed this guide on ordering takeout food online using your smartphone. Please leave a comment if you have any questions and remember to apply for english teaching jobs in China today! Our job board is updated daily with the highest quality job postings available.

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