How to use the TaoBao website step by step.

How to use the TaoBao website step by step.

In this article, I want to tell you how to use Tao Bao ( in China. Step by step, we will figure out how to register on this site, how to enter a delivery address, how to search and buy something, and how to attach a bank card or payment system. Let’s start!

This is the main page of the site. To start registration, click on the button in the upper right corner. This is marked in blue in the picture.


This is the registration window. It’s great that on this page you can change the language to English and everything will be much easier. But this is the only page on the site in English, alas.



Here you need to select the country code of your phone number and enter the number. If you do not have a Chinese sim card, it does not matter, TaoBao accepts phone numbers from all over the world. In the end, you need to confirm that you are a person and not a robot, and slide to the right to verify. Within a minute, the SMS with a code will come to your phone.



Here you just enter the code from SMS and click confirm. I painted my phone number in blue, if you don’t mind 😊



Last step. Here you need to create a password and repeat it. Then enter your email and create a user name.



Excellent! You have been registered. Now you need to log in to your account. On the main page of the site in the upper right corner there is an account login button.



Here you need to enter the user name first and then the password.



Good. Let’s deal with the delivery address now.

After entering the account, you get to the main page of the site. There is a button at the top of the page. You need to hover over it, there will be more buttons. You need to click on first of them to go to the settings section. In the attached picture, everything is clearly shown.



Ok. You get to the next page. Here you need to click on the first of the three buttons on the red panel.


Here you need to click on the button next to the user picture.




On this page you need to enter the address where the package will arrive. That is, the address of your home or work, depending on where it is more convenient for you to pick it up.

You better find out the exact address, and ask someone to explain what character means what. This is necessary in order to correctly enter the address, and so that your package does not go somewhere else.

The picture clearly shows which line what you need to enter.

At the end you need to click on the blue button and you’re done.



Let’s go back to the main page and see how to make an order.

First, let’s see what buttons are on the main page of the site.

On the left are the categories. There are pictures that illustrate each category. Not bad, but too much assortment. It’s not always possible to find a specific thing.

In the right corner is a shopping cart. Here will be the products that you have selected.

In the center is a search. To search for a specific product, I recommend using it.


On TaoBao, product names are mostly in Chinese. The exception is the names of popular brands and something like that.

To search for products just use the translator from English to Chinese. In the translator, you’ll find two options for the Chinese language — Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Choose Simplified Chinese.

Let’s try to order a men’s t-shirt for example.

Just enter your query into the translator, copy it and paste it into the search bar on the TaoBao website.

Good. Now just select the thing you like and click on it.

Yes, at first it will not work out very well, but the more you search, the better it is.

Look at this funny guy, isn’t he great? Lol

Taobao also has a picture search. If you have a photo of the thing you need, you can upload this photo and find this thing. The button where you can upload your photo is marked with a blue square in the picture below.



Ok, this is a product card.

On the left you can see a photo of the selected subject. Also, if you scroll down, there will be photos of the subject from different angles.

On the right are the products from the same store. Sometimes it’s convenient to buy several items in one store. They will come in one package and will be of about the same quality.

What is written in the center is probably understandable, but I nonetheless translated all the inscriptions in the picture below. You are welcome.



On the same page, if you go a little lower, you will find product information and reviews.



Below is the size information. All values are in centimeters.


Ok, hope everything is clear. Let’s finally buy something. And I will show you how to attach a bank card or payment system.

Go to the cart or click “buy now” directly in the product card.

On the attached picture I will show how to buy from a cart. You need to check the box next to the item you want to buy, then click on the big red button.



You get to the next page.

In the upper left corner is the address that we entered earlier. Below is the product. Check again the color, size and quantity. If everything is correct, click on the red button below to proceed with payment.



On this page you need to create and repeat a password that you will enter in the future for payment. The password should consist of only six digits, and digits should not be repeated.


So, then there are two payment options – pay with a Chinese bank card or a bank card in your country.

At the top of the page you need to choose a Chinese card or a foreign one.



If you want to pay with a Chinese bank card, I advise you to create an account in the Alipay payment system. To do this, just download the app or go to their website (, register there and attach a card of a Chinese bank. This application is available in both English and Chinese. So, to figure it out, I think, will not be difficult. Then just scan the code through the Alipay app.



If you want to use a non-Chinese bank card, first select this type of card at the top of the page, then enter your card number in the line below. Then just click continue.



Last step. Here you need to enter your details. What and where to enter I showed in the picture below. After entering the details, you just need to click on the blue button below.  The next time you buy something on TaoBao, you will no longer need to enter details. You just need to enter the password that you created earlier.



Great! You are done. Payment has passed. Now just wait. After 2-4 days, your package will arrive at the pickup point, next to your house. When your package arrives at the pick-up point, you will receive an SMS about it.




I hope in this article I answered most of the questions about the Taobao website. Hope you have a good shopping experience on this site. Good luck.





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